Jordan Peterson in Deutsch: Drachen & Helden (Maps of Meaning Zusammenfassung) 1/2 | JORS

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“Jordan Peterson: Dragons, Divine Parents, Heroes and Adversaries: A complete cosmology of being”

Eine seiner Top-Gesamtzusammenfassungen von “Maps of Meaning”, ein wenig mehr in Richtung Konzeptualisierungen tendierend, statt dem abstrakt/geistig/Religiösen.

Die bereits synchronisierten Videos gibt’s jetzt auch in erweiterter Übersetzung als Kindle eBook und Taschenbuch bei Amazon, inkl. Übersetzungskommentaren, einigen Paragraphen des Big Five Persönlichkeitstests die u.a. für die Gender Pay Gap Debatte wichtig sind und einen Gutscheincode in Höhe von 3 Euronen für : Also sadd’s ned deppad , kaffa! :-p

Jordan vs. Cathy & der Gender Paygap – auf Deutsch! Teil 1 von 2

Jordan Peterson & der Gender-Paygap 1/2 Deutscher Ton | JORS | Komplett in HD from Johnny Rockermeier on Vimeo.

Die weltweit erste Synchronisation dieses Videos – soweit ich weiß :-p. Exklusiv vom Quotenbayer!

Youtube lässt mich das Ding nocht hochladen, wird automatisch gesperrt wegen Urheberzeugs. Deswegendie unmögliche 17-teilige Playlist auf Youtube, hier aber via Vimeo in HD und voller Länge !

The Niederbayer Strikes Back

…hier ist der Versuch einer deutschen Synchronfassung von Jordan Peterson’s Produktvorstellung: Von uns (mir) jetzt auch auf Deutsch angeboten. Siehe auch Link oben “Understand Myself Deutschland”.

Eine Stimme – Kein Hochdeutsch.

Es geht um den Big-Five Persönlichkeitstest, eine ausführlichere Beschreibung eurer Persönlichkeit werdet ihr kaum finden, HIER ist ein Beispielbericht, erwerben könnt ihr die Gaudi auf eBay für billiges Geld. Und…nur noch bis Montag, weil ab Montag ist Diät! Also ab geht’singer!

Youtube Channel Updates

Hi guys! After the Jordan Peterson Event, at which I successfully gave Jordan, Sam and Douglas my Dekalogos-Essence booklet (and managed to get Jordan’s waterbottle off the stage :-p) I threw myself in many related projects.
1.) As Jordan pointed out in a recent interview, he is willing to give the copyright to all of his stuff to the public, thus I translated and a lot of the Big Five report paragraphs, now German fans and their friends can do the test in German language Understandmyself.De. Anybody can buy it safely on eBay, right now the price is 17,90 of which 990 go directly to Jordan and his team, as I only translate the results dont copy the processing itself.

2.) As Jordan was, in my humble opinion, objectively touched by the supernatural / divine / holy ghost, I started to translate the 8th Volume of the Dekalogos into English. I’m almost done, and it will be around 100 pages. This is the story of the Espirus, the 27 and the 3 – and the meanings of it. When I’m done correcting, I will read the eBook as a podcast on Youtube

3.) I learned a little bit how this Adobe-Stuff works and produced an Espirus-Matrix-Code-Rain background video in 2 different speeds, 100s of little trailers for the future projects and videos which show what will be going ob on my Youtubechannel You can see those below

The Projects are as follows
4 A) Presenting my Ideas, meaning the content of the Dekalogos, to the public. The Intros and Outros are finished, Backdrop, Camera, Mic etc. are bought.
B) Translating and voice-over-dubbing Jordan Peterson’s lectures in German language. This will be very very time consuming, but I guess it is, probably, a big part of my Auftrag.

Have Fun with the Videos and the Anticipation 🙂

Jorism – by John S. Rockermeier. A Dekalogos Idea. Supported by Jordan B. Peterson

Jorism is a concept in the Book “The Dekalogos”, written by John S. Rockermeier

The Dekalogos – Youtube Channel Trailer

Dr. Jordan Peterson and the Espirus… featuring the 3 and the 27

DOWNLOAD The Dekalogos PDF (Essence, Jordan Peterson & Friends Edition)



The Dekalogos is a 10-volume comprehensive work of pragmatical philosophy. In the first part, volumes 1-7, we examine human behavior, the purpose of life, construct a scientific framework and introduce a law of logid. Furthermore, we analyse the economy, the herm of consumption society, politics and society with the aquired knowledge.

In the second part, volumes 8-10, we introduce a metaphysical unit, called the espirus. Jordan Peterson calls it Hermes, Mercury, Logos, the winged messenger from the gods, holy spirit, round chaos, the snitch etc. There will be a video with Jordan’s Quotations soon.

John S. Rockermeier, author of the Dekalogos, had an objective metaphysical experience with the espirus. This involves the 3 and the 27 and the alphabet.

Jordan Peterson also plays a role in this: Consider his name, the terms he uses, his experiences with golden balls and winged entites, the 27, the similarities of the concepts and so on.

The title and the terms were all created before the author knewJordan Peterson, still, some thoughts were taken, which is in the booklet.
The Dekalogos will be around 2000 pages when finished, the concepts will still be explained in this channel. I will give all the information for free, except one little thing… be sure to subscrube, especially if you are a devoted Petersonian! 🙂

Dhe Dekalogos in its Essence-Version will be given to Dr. Jordan Peterson an July 14th n Dublin, in the 3-Arena. The Booklet has 64 pages and 27 graphics in it, its available on Amazon as well.

This is going to be a movement. JOR ism.
Jorism is a threefold movement in regards to belief: It entails atheists, spiritualists and religious people under the same framework: Be the best person you can be. This sounds simple, but the implications are far deeper than one sees at first glance.

Be sure to have read MoM before jumping into the Dekalogos, this will help a lot.
Have fun and turn the music on! :-)p.s. I am from Germany…. don’t take language errors too hard 🙂

Jorism – Your way of life. Be the best person you can be

The booklet, 64 Pages & 27 graphics, is available on amazon, the 9 Dollars are the printing cost and the amazon share – i don earn anything there, the colour printing is very expensive:
Dekalogos Essence at