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Hi guys! After the Jordan Peterson Event, at which I successfully gave Jordan, Sam and Douglas my Dekalogos-Essence booklet (and managed to get Jordan’s waterbottle off the stage :-p) I threw myself in many related projects.
1.) As Jordan pointed out in a recent interview, he is willing to give the copyright to all of his stuff to the public, thus I translated and a lot of the Big Five report paragraphs, now German fans and their friends can do the test in German language Understandmyself.De. Anybody can buy it safely on eBay, right now the price is 17,90 of which 990 go directly to Jordan and his team, as I only translate the results dont copy the processing itself.

2.) As Jordan was, in my humble opinion, objectively touched by the supernatural / divine / holy ghost, I started to translate the 8th Volume of the Dekalogos into English. I’m almost done, and it will be around 100 pages. This is the story of the Espirus, the 27 and the 3 – and the meanings of it. When I’m done correcting, I will read the eBook as a podcast on Youtube

3.) I learned a little bit how this Adobe-Stuff works and produced an Espirus-Matrix-Code-Rain background video in 2 different speeds, 100s of little trailers for the future projects and videos which show what will be going ob on my Youtubechannel You can see those below

The Projects are as follows
4 A) Presenting my Ideas, meaning the content of the Dekalogos, to the public. The Intros and Outros are finished, Backdrop, Camera, Mic etc. are bought.
B) Translating and voice-over-dubbing Jordan Peterson’s lectures in German language. This will be very very time consuming, but I guess it is, probably, a big part of my Auftrag.

Have Fun with the Videos and the Anticipation 🙂

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